5 Signs from Pets that You Should Never Ignore

Posted on 02/12/2019


Posted by Only Vet Meds

Just like human, pets too have those bad health days. However, unlike humans, pets are not able to convey their sufferings liberally. It is the duty of the pet parents to watch out for some specific physical and behavioral hints that may indicate routine as well as serious pet health conditions. The earlier you recognize these signs, the more quickly you can take vet help and start pet medications.

Loss of Weight and Appetite

Parasites, cancer, kidney issues, diabetes, liver diseases as well as stress and anxiety are some of the common reasons behind sudden weight loss in pets. Microbial infections, kidney failure, dental issues, gastrointestinal diseases and stress may be the cause behind your pet not consuming normal quantities of food. Most of these issues can be handled with Rx pet meds.

Lethargy and Fatigue

Contact a petmeds expert immediately if your otherwise active pets turn lethargic or show fatigue and lack of energy. The possible causes behind these conditions can be metabolic diseases, anemia, toxicity, joint problems, tumors as well as presence of heartworms.

Pet Odors

If the pet shows change in odor (not just bad breath, but also stinky skin), there are chances that it suffers from dental problems, diabetes, skin lesions, kidney failure, yeast infections and allergies. A veterinarian would recommend topical pet medication for skin problems and oral petmed for other issues.

Abnormal Urination

Any change in pet’s urinating pattern, including increased or decreased output, difficulty in urinating and change in color, may indicate a health issue. Urinary tract infections, kidney issues, bladder stones, spinal cord injuries, tumors and many more issues may be associated with these symptoms.

Behavioral Changes

Sudden aggression, unnecessary panting and similar changes in the pet’s behavior should not be ignored. These may be the signs of physical pains due to issues like arthritis and digestive issues or emotional stress or serious issues like brain tumors.

Apart from Rx petmeds, many of these issues may require treatments in the form of therapies and surgeries. If the vet prescribes dog medications and cat medications, you can order them online through a pet pharmacy.