A Guide to Pet Health Insurance and How to Buy It

Posted on 01/20/2019

A Guide to Pet Health Insurance and How to Buy It

Posted by Only Vet Meds

Just like human health insurance, pet health insurance is important to save pet owners from the daunting pet health and medical costs. Before anything else, learn what different pet insurance plans cover:

  • Veterinary consultation and diagnosis costs
  • Annual check-ups
  • Rx pet meds
  • Laboratory tests as well as imaging tests like X-ray and MRI
  • Treatments using pet medications and more
  • Hospitalizations and surgeries
  • Dental treatments and related petmeds and more

When to Buy Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance should be purchased in the initial years of your pet. This is because:

  • Insurance companies usually don’t provide general health cover for older pets
  • The pre-existing conditions and their Rx petmeds are not covered in the pet insurance plans. So, get your pet covered when it is young and before the onset of a health condition.

Possible Pet Insurance Plans

Pet Wellness Plans: Cover general treatments, annual health checkups, preventive dog medications and cat medications for the problems like fleas and ticks etc.

Lifetime Plans: The most expensive ones, these cover ongoing pet medication costs and treatments, surgeries as well as the routine treatments and pet pharmacy bills.

Time-limited Plans: These offer cover up to a maximum amount valid for up to a certain period of time.

Maximum-benefit Plans: These also cover up to a maximum amount, but there is no time cap involved.

Accident Only Plans: Cover only the treatments and petmed expenses to treat injuries caused due to accidents.

How to Choose?

  • Compare various plans as well as reviews from the pet owners
  • Assess the co-pays and deductibles each plan demands
  • Know about the possible breed-specific and genetic illnesses of your pet and choose the cover accordingly
  • Find out whether the policy covers congenital diseases, holistic treatments like acupuncture or not

To buy a pet insurance is not just a financial decision, but also an emotional one. If you adore your pets, keep them safe and covered with the right insurance.