A Simple Guide to Select the Best Dog Foods for Puppies

Posted on 01/26/2019

A Simple Guide to Select the Best Dog Foods for Puppies

Posted by Only Vet Meds

Your pet's veterinarian or pet medications expert would tell you to buy puppy foods for your new pet that might be only a few weeks old. Why?

  • Puppies' daily nutrient requirements are double than those of the adult dogs
  • Bones, muscles, internal organs and immunity of young dogs require more proteins to grow
  • High fat content is important for the apt energy level in puppies
  • They also need more vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and away from pet meds

Factors to Consider

  • Breed: Small breed puppies may grow to adult size in a year, but large breed puppies may take 2-3 years for the same. So, their food requirements vary.
  • Nutrient Ratio: Protein to fat ratio is important to be considered. Consult a pet medication expert for this.
  • Type of Food: Puppy foods come in the varieties like dry, semi-moist, moist as well as raw and dog treats. Take recommendations from an expert and choose foods that are easy to digest, good for teeth and contain the right no-harm ingredients.

Popular Puppy Food Brands

Hill's Science: With no artificial flavors and preservatives, Hill’s Science puppy food formulations promote healthy digestion, immune system as well as bone and joint health. The bestselling products include Diet Large Breed Dry Puppy Food and Diet Puppy Entrée Canned Dog Food.

Wellness: Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Puppy Food has the correct balance of proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. DHA in it promotes healthy eyes and brain.

Blue Buffalo: Their Life protection Formula Dry Dog Food contains meat, fruits, vegetable, oatmeal, whole grains and other ingredients. High in protein and rick in zinc, phosphorus and iron, it is a recommended formulation for strong teeth and desired growth and development.

Apart from choosing the right puppy food, also learn how many times a puppy must be fed every day and in what portion sizes.