Are Collars Effective for Fleas and Ticks Prevention in Pets?

Posted on 12/24/2018

Are Collars Effective for Fleas and Ticks Prevention in Pets | Are Fleas and Ticks Collars Safe | Best collars for Fleas and ticks

Posted by Only Vet Meds

Fleas and ticks collars for pets are cheaper than pet medications and great for pets that dislike oral petmeds. One type of collars emits gases to repel the biting pests. Then there is another type which releases active ingredients (just like topical dog and cat medications) into the pet's skin and kills the fleas and ticks on contact or when the pests bite the pet's skin.

Now, there are two important questions:

1. Are these collars effective?

Yes! But only if these are effectively placed around the pet's neck. The collar should snug the dog's neck so that the pet med makes contact with the skin. You can confirm the right snugness by placing two fingers between the collar and the pet's skin.

In addition, check the collar regularly to ensure that it doesn't tighten around the neck of your growing pet.

It is also worth mentioning that some collars lose the infused pet med when in contact with water. Make sure that you remove the collar before the pet is ready for bathing or swimming. Also, replace the collar after the manufacturer's recommended usage period.

2. Are These Collars Safe?

Some collars and the pet medication they are infused with are not safe for the pets of age 7 weeks or below. Others are not safe for the pregnant and nursing pets. You must also check whether you should use a collar for a senior pet or not.

You should appropriately trim the extra length of the collar (and dispose the pieces responsibly) to ensure that the pet is not able to access/bite/chew it. Also, check for any signs of irritation or allergy and quickly remove the collar.

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