Choose among the Best Pet Insurances to Cover Your Loving Pet

Posted on 02/22/2019

Choose among the Best Pet Insurances to Cover Your Loving Pet

Posted by Only Vet Meds

Statistics show that the total pet insurance premium volume in the United States increased from about $500 millions to $1.03 billion in 2017. It means that more and more pet parents now understand the importance of covering their pets against illnesses and accidents and the resulting expenses incurred on pet medications, treatments and annual checkups.

While purchasing a pet insurance plan, you must compare the coverage, deductibles and other important factors. Here is a list of the bestselling pet insurance plans from the top insurance providers:

Healthy Paws

Comprehensive coverage in a single plan, 15 days waiting period and a variety of plans with no caps on the claims, it is among the top ranking pet insurance companies. The Unlimited Lifetime option is another highlight which promises the unlimited lifetime benefits once the deductibles are paid. The company’s customer service is highly reviewed. However, there are exclusions for hip dysplasia and some pre-existing conditions.

Pet Assure

With four plans for single cat, single dog, family (2-4 pets) and unlimited, Pet Assure is one of the cost-saving pet health insurance providers. There are no annual limits that further make it a great option to choose. Going further, one can enjoy up to 25% discount by choosing a veterinarian from the company’s suggested options.


If you are worried about the co-pays and deductibles, look nothing beyond Figo. The insurance company waives them whenever the insured pet requires immediate medical help and treatment. With short waiting periods (5 in case of accidents and 14 in case of illnesses) and 30 days reimbursement period and cloud medical record storage, it is one of the most pet-friendly insurance providers.

Pet Plan

Based on your budgets and requirements, the insurance provider customizes the pet insurance plans. There are no exclusions for the genetic and chronic health conditions. Even the basic plan covers accidents, injuries, surgeries, diagnosis, prescription Rx pet meds, dental treatments and more. The expanded cover also promises costs incurred in advertising for lost pets, vacation cancellation due to pet health and more.

As you can see, there is no limit to the benefits various pet insurance plans offer. Take out time to compare these plans before the final decision.