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Common Diseases to Watch Out in Senior Dogs

It is sad to see your dog aging. The once playful and enthusiastic pup may start withdrawing from its cheerful spirit. However, you must be wary of certain ailments that target dogs in their golden years. Chances are that you might ignore the symptoms of these diseases as simply the signs of aging and deprive your loving pet of the treatment. With the development in pet medications and treatments, many of these issues can be dealt with, provided you recognize them at the earliest.

Dental Diseases: Gingivitis, periodontal diseases and the resulting tooth loss may prevent your senior dog from leading a quality life at this age. Check out for the swollen, tender and bleeding gums and start Rx pet meds to avoid the severe losses.

Arthritis: Just like in humans, old age in dogs is unforgiving. Your dog may show difficulty in rising, walking, climbing and even standing due to swelling and pain in joints. With the right joint pet medication and supplement, you can revive your dog's mobility.

Cancer: Lymphoma, oral melanoma, bone cancer and many other cancers become common with advancing age in dogs. Their indications may include sudden weight loss, unhealed sores, extreme tiredness, bleeding etc. Consult a vet immediately for petmeds, therapies, surgeries etc.

Dementia: Cognitive dysfunction syndrome or dementia is another common ailment in ageing dogs. Its symptoms include confusion, disorientation, loss of memory, accidental excretion and more. Though difficult to cure, the condition can be managed if detected early.

Kidney Diseases: Kidney failure due to aged kidneys happens in old dogs. Increase thirst and urination are the usual signs of this condition. Through early detection, the problem is possible to be managed using specific diets and special Rx petmeds

Among other common health problems of senior dogs are hearing and vision loss, diabetes, diabetes, hypothyroidism and incontinence. Be regular in checkups to diagnose these problems and start the dog medications and treatments at the initial stage itself.