How Do I Introduce a Dog to My Cats?

Posted on 03/02/2019

How Do I Introduce a Dog to My Cats?

Posted by Only Vet Meds

Are you planning to extend your pet family? It can be challenging to introduce a new pup to the resident dogs. And if you plan to introduce a dog to the resident cats, the challenge increases manifold. Apart from learning about dog beddings, dog food, dog medications etc., also learn how to ensure peaceful coexistence of the pets.

No Threat to Cats' Territory

Let your cats feel safe in their sanctuaries. Make sure that the new dog would not be able to access the areas like cats’ hiding places, litter boxes, beddings etc. Also, keep cat medications, food and toys out of the dog’s reach.

Separate Them Initially

There should be no face-to-face meeting between the dog and the cats for the first 3 to 4 days. Let them feel each other’s presence through smells, sounds and movements only. Also, make sure that the dog and the cats undergo necessary checkups with a vet. There might be a need to start pet medications like Rx petmeds for flea and tick prevention so that the conditions are not passed on.

Introduce through Scents

After grooming your dog, brush your cats without washing hands. Repeat it vice versa. It would play a significant role in making each pet comfortable with the others. You may also exchange their beddings, toys etc. to help develop liking towards one another.

Leash and Train the Dog

How to plan the first meeting? Most probably, the dog would be the first one to act up. Thus, it is important that you leash the dog or keep it confined inside a crate in the beginning. Observe how the dog reacts to the presence of cats. You may need to learn how to train the dog through basic commands so that it pays attention to you rather than attempting to reach the cats.

Repeat 2-3 meetings the same way until and unless the dog and the cats exhibit the signs of new bonding. Never leave the pets unsupervised.