How Pet Medication Can Help Dogs with Arthritis

Posted on 04/22/2019

How Pet Medication Can Help Dogs with Arthritis

Posted by Only Vet Meds

How Pet Medication Can Help Dogs with Arthritis

The quick run with you starts becoming a discomfort for him; the easy jump to fetch his favorite toy is no longer fun; a deep groan now accompanies moving around. As your furry friend ages, he is most likely to fall prey to arthritis, affecting his movement and causing pain and soreness. Unfortunately, pet owners often overlook the early signs of canine arthritis until it becomes severe.

How to Treat Arthritis in Dogs?

Veterinaries suggest three ways to treat arthritis in dogs:

  • Pet medications for arthritis pain
  • Health supplements to improve joint health
  • Helping dogs with arthritis lose weight

Which Pet Meds Help Relief Arthritis Pain?

Arthritis in dogs (just like human beings) has no permanent treatment. However, your veterinary doctor may recommend certain Rx pet meds to help relieve the pain, inflammation, or soreness temporarily. There are also some natural ways to provide relief from canine arthritis, but they do not provide much help.

  • Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs): Your vet may suggest analgesic pet meds that help relieve pain, allowing your dog to easily move and exercise. The NSAIDs work to reduce secretion of prostaglandins that cause arthritis pain. Some popular NSAIDs for arthritis treatment in dogs are Previcox and Novox.
  • Steroids: If your dog is suffering from acute arthritic conditions that do not go away with NSAIDs, you can consider giving him some steroid-based dog medications such as corticosteroids, Prednisolone, or Dexamethasone. However, never give steroids to dogs without consulting your vet or for long-term arthritis treatment as they can further cause joint damage and other side effects.
  • Pain Relievers: The doctor may prescribe other painkillers like Galliprant, which is non-steroidal and can be safely given to treat early symptoms of osteoarthritis in dogs. It blocks inflammation and pain-causing mediator, EP4 receptor, while minimizing the impact on the kidney, liver, and intestine.

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