How to deal with your cat who has a urinary tract infection?

Posted on 05/18/2019

How to deal with your cat who has a urinary tract infection

Posted by Only Vet Meds

Cats typically keep themselves extremely clean by licking themselves multiple times throughout the day. Therefore, they catch lesser diseases compared to dogs. However, in a few cases, cats may catch a bad disease/illness that requires expert supervision. In such cases, you should take your cat to a reliable veterinarian as soon as possible.

Pet cats who are dealing with a urinary tract infection can stop eating well and face dehydration issues too. In such cases, you need special pet medication for them.

How to Detect if Your Cat has a Urinary Tract Infection

If your cat has a urinary tract infection, he/she will lose weight rapidly. In such cases, cats prevent eating food or drinking water to avoid the pain of peeing. A professional veterinarian can perform the urine analysis to detect if your cat is dealing with such medical conditions.

How Long Does the Infection Last?

In most cases, such infections can be completely cured with the right Rx pet meds within 10 to 14 days. If your cat is still feeling sick and you detect that the infection is not cured, you might want to take him/her to a certified veterinarian for a new course of pet medication.

What to Do in Such Situations?

If your cat is dealing with a urinary tract infection, he/she needs a lot of love, care, affection, and the right medication. In such cases, you need to be patient even if your cat acts paranoid. Do not trap him/her inside her kennel. Instead, you should be considerate and let him/her roam around for a while. Monitor the food and water consumption closely to make sure that he/she does not drink polluted water again.

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