How to stop destructive cat scratching behavior

Posted on 01/07/2019

How to stop destructive cat scratching behavior

Posted by Only Vet Meds

Cats are known for their ferocious behavior and if at all you happen to irritate the feline then be ready to face a tough time. At times, you will notice that the feline scratches your favorite sofa or the newly painted wall of your living room. You will be left wondering what exactly is the reason.

May be the unnecessary scratching is out of revenge or it can be out of sheer pleasure which the cats derive from scratching the walls or furniture.

Reasons behind scratching:

  1. It displays the level of confidence that indicates that the cat is willing to be seen by physically marking an area.
  2. To modulate social interactions, you will see the cats scratching.
  3. To remove the layered sheaths (the dead skin) from their claws and to leave visual and olfactory marks.
  4. At times, it can just be for fun and exercise.

Preventive Measures:

Declawing is definitely not an option because it adversely affects the health of the cat. But, you can always take into consideration the following points to avoid destructive scratching behavior.

  1. Try to use plastic nail caps to cover your cat’s nails and you have to ensure that regular maintenance after 6-12 weeks is done.
  2. Deviate the attention of the cat to something else, the moment you realize that she is about to jump on some fancy item in your house.
  3. Try to provide carpet covered habitats and posts with shredded barks. OnlyVetMeds, an online ped med store, provides a wide range of scratching posts available in various sizes, angles and surfaces. You can select the one as per the preference of your fur friend.
  4. Remove the items or make them less accessible once you understand the repetitive behavior of the cat. You can do this by either covering the furniture with cloth or vinyl cover.