Road-tripping with Fido - Tips for Car Travel with Your Dog

Posted on 03/01/2019

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Posted by Only Vet Meds

Planning a road trip with your loving pup? Dogs can be great road companions, though road travel with dogs can be challenging. However, there are many preparations and tips that you can follow to avoid the experience from turning nasty.

Prepare for a Long Road Trip

Motion sickness is one thing that can greatly annoy your pet. Before taking it on a long trip, drive it for short trips (about 15-20 minutes long) to build up its habit.

The next thing you must do is schedule the trip keeping in mind the dog's needs:

  • Plan pit stops every couple of hours to let it stretch its legs.
  • Book pet-friendly hotels if you plan night stopovers on the way.
  • Search in advance for designated dog parks and rest stops with pet areas on the route where you can let it relax during short stops.

What to Pack?

Carry food and water in quantities enough to last the overall trip duration. Don’t forget the serving bowls. Blankets, dog beds and some of its favorite toys can also be packed. You must definitely pack collars and leashes to maintain grip on it. It is also advised to carry waste bags.

Dog medications and first aid kits are an important item. Consult its veterinarian and ask for Rx petmeds for upset stomach, motion sickness and other possible issues. You may also buy Rx pet meds for flea and tick prevention.

Keeping It Safe

Make your car dog-proof by ensuring that there are no chewable items in its access. Buy a crater or carrier enough to accommodate the size and weight of the dog. Seat harnesses and belts too are effective solutions. Keep a watch on the dog so that it doesn’t stick its paws, head etc. outside the window. Don’t mind carrying the pet medication records, vet prescriptions and vaccination records on the trip. Don’t leave the dog alone in the car with windowpanes rolled up.

Feeding before the Trip

If your dog is young and potty-trained, it can be fed about an hour before the trip. However, make sure that you take regular breaks to let it relieve itself on the way. Senior dogs as well as puppies would demand frequent breaks and you must adhere to it. Make sure you feed food and water in small quantities.

The first pleasant road trip with your adorable dog would inspire you for many more in the future.