Dog Pen Vs. Dog Crate: Which Is Best?

Posted on 06/13/2019

Should you use a dog pen or a dog crate

Posted by Only Vet Meds

Dog pens and dog crates are different types of enclosures that are used to store your dogs during different kinds of situations. They can be used for training purposes and for emergencies to calm your dog down. So what are these situations and when should you use a dog crate or a dog pen?

For Sleeping Purposes

For sleeping purposes, a dog crate is your best option. A dog does not need to change many positions during his sleep hours. A confined space is just good enough for the dog to rest in.

For Emergency Situations

For situations where your dog needs to be calm and relaxed, an enlarged dog pen is a great option. Your dog needs to breathe and move around. For such purposes, a spacious dog pen is apt.

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Tor Training Purposes

For such purposes, one needs to be strict. This is why investing in a dog crate will be a wise idea. One must train a dog to make them disciplined. Some well-known groomers and trainers can help you out with such processes.

For Accessing Restrictions

Your puppy needs to understand some rules and restrictions. This is why one needs to use fig crates for the very beginning. However, if you are planning to confine them in a close place for more than four hours, give your dog the pen. This is because they need to move around from time to time to ensure that they do not have any health hazards.

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