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Signs and Symptoms that Indicate Pet Allergies

Pet allergies are caused due to a number of reasons. While fleas are among the most common causes of dog and cat allergies, other possible reasons include food allergens due to chicken, grains, soy, pork, beef, dairy, corn and lamb and environmental allergens like dust, pollens, molds and mildews, dander and certain grasses and plants. Whatever the reason might be, you must consult a vet for Rx pet meds prescriptions if the following signs of allergies appear in your pet:


Itching may enforce dogs and cats to scratch, bite, rub, chew and lick various body parts like ears, face, paws, underarms, groin and more. If your pet frequently indulges in these actions, you must consult a vet for the right anti-allergy pet medication.

Skin Signs

An itchy pet may develop certain skin signs like redness, rashes, scabs, inflammation and more. Raised bumps may also start to appear on its skin. Loss of hair is another common skin allergy sign to watch out for. Your vet would prescribe topical dog medications and cat medications to alleviate these signs.

Ear Infections

Ears are among the most affected organs among pets suffering from allergies. Some common signs of allergy-induced ear infections include presence of yeast, wax buildup, frequent shaking of head, discharge from ears and foul smells.

Respiratory Signs

Allergies in pets caused due to environmental pollutants may lead to respiratory symptoms including frequent coughing and sneezing, watery and red eyes, runny nose, shortness of breath etc. You may also experience pet snoring which was absent earlier.

Gastrointestinal Signs

Pets with allergies also experience upset gastrointestinal system which may result in gas, diarrhea, vomiting etc. Let your vet diagnose these symptoms and recommend the right Rx petmeds.

Follow the vet's advice about the pet diet and medication dose. Buy only from a reputed pet pharmacy.