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Suggested Reasons Why Your Dog Has Started Eating Grass

Did you just panic watching your dog gazing in the lawn? If you ask other dog owners and petmeds experts, they would tell you that it is completely normal. Still, you are anxious or curious to know the probable reason behind this behavior. Though there is no exact answer for this, there are many theories and arguments floating around and here are some of them.

It Has Developed Taste

Chances are that your dog has developed a liking for the grass and loves to munch on it. You don’t need to consult a vet and ask for dog medications to stop this behavior. All you need to ensure is that the grass is free from pesticides, insecticides and other harmful chemicals. Also, there should be no toxic plants in the area he grazes on.

Grass Promises Nutrition

Dogs, which lack one or the other nutrient or fiber in their food, usually consider grass as the source to compensate for the deficiency. What you can do is ask your vet about pet medications and foods that can eliminate these deficiencies to automatically encourage the dog to avoid eating grass.

It's a Pastime for the Pet

Another popular theory is that dogs eat grass when they are bored. In other words, they enjoy the activity. To stop this habit in your dog, spend quality time with it, making it indulge in some other fun-filled activities.

They Simply Imitate Their Ancestors

Wild dogs as well as wolves would eat herbivores and indirectly have grass and plants in their bowels. Probably, they developed a taste towards grass and your dog is simply following the footsteps.

They Are Ill

Many studies show that dogs eat grass to intentionally vomit and find relief from the issues like gas, bloating, intestinal worms and more. You need to look for the signs of these issues and consult a vet for the Rx pet meds. Once these problems get treated, it might stop feeding on grass.

Whatever the reason might be, you need to relax as it’s not the trait that your dog alone shows. Consulting a vet is definitely advised to find a good solution for the issue.