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Tips to Select the Right Pet Food

As a responsible pet owner, you should select the pet food carefully and after considering a lot of things. You may come across a number of food options while exploring a pet pharmacy or pet store. For example, dry and wet (or canned) foods are the popular categories, while others include freeze-dried, dehydrated and frozen foods. So, how would you make the right choice?

Balancing the Caloric and Nutritional Needs

A veterinarian or a pet med expert would help you estimate the caloric or the dietary needs of your pet on the basis of:

  • Age
  • Breed
  • Activities
  • Special status (pregnant or nursing) and more

At the same time, the pet medication expert you consult would help you understand the nutritional needs of the pet, including its protein, carbohydrate and fat requirements. Remember that these needs may change with the pet’s growth and you must regularly consult the veterinarian to comply with it.

Picking Up the Right Products

Many popular brands offer pet foods and you can choose the best one by:

  • Reading the label to know whether the food adheres to the American Association of Feed Control Officials regulations or not.
  • Checking the ingredients to conclude that the food contains all important nutrients or not. Your pet might be allergic towards certain ingredients (like grains). So, be careful while selecting.
  • Research about the brands and take recommendations from the veterinarians.
  • Add variety to the pert’s diet, but bring in the change gradually.

Apart from dealing in pet medications in the categories like dog medications and cat medications, OnlyVetMeds also offer pet foods from the top brands. We suggest you to get the right food prescribed for your pet from a veterinarian and buy it any time from us.