Toxic food guide for pets

Posted on 01/12/2019

Toxic food guide for pets

Posted by Only Vet Meds

While shopping, you go through the ingredients of every bottle or packet of food that you buy. The same cautious approach is required while picking up stuff for your pets. Your four legged companion is more vulnerable to items like alcohol, fats, dairy products and many others than you can even imagine. Hence, it becomes important to pick and choose.

With OnlyVetMeds, you can be assured that all that you get is absolutely pet friendly and fit for consumption.

List of toxic food items:

  1. Alcohol: Its consumption can lead to a drop in body temperature, blood pressure and blood sugar level. If by any chance your pet has consumed it, he can experience seizures and respiratory failure.
  2. Chocolate: What might be enticing for you is definitely not good for the pet. Diarrhea, hyperactivity, tremors, seizures and vomiting can be seen if by mistake chocolate is consumed.
  3. Caffeine: Coffee, tea and all sorts of energy drinks have a side effect on the stomach, intestines and nervous system of your pet friend. Restlessness, hyperactivity and increased urination can easily be seen on its consumption.
  4. Fatty Foods: Be it fat trimmings or all sorts of fatty foods, these are a strict no-no to be given to the pets for these can cause an obstruction in its digestive system.
  5. Milk and Dairy Products: Diarrhea can be caused if you give milk and its related products to the pet at home.
  6. Wild Mushrooms: These notorious fungi which grow in the backyard can cause a big time problem in the digestive system of the pet and it can turn fatal.
  7. Onions and Garlic: When consumed beyond the given level of 0.5% of the body weight, consumption of onions and garlic can cause red blood cells to burst.
  8. Raw eggs, meat and fish: Consumption of raw eggs can cause biotin deficiency which can result in skin problems and raw meat and fish contains bacteria which cause food poisoning.
  9. Salt: Salt toxicity can be severe and might result in poor coordination and brain swelling.

In addition to this, nuts, rhubarb, xylitol, yeast dough, apricots, peaches, plums, grapes and raisins are few other items which are toxic and should be avoided.

OnlyVetMeds has a wide variety of toxic free food products which you can easily purchase and avoid all sorts of pet medications.