Is Sourdough Bread Bad for Dogs?

Posted on 06-14-2019

Is sourdough bread bad for dogs

Posted by Only Vet Meds

As a dedicated pet owner, one must always be dedicated to his or her dog's welfare. However, it is a tough task difficult job, especially when it comes to their diet. Your dog might sneak off and eat products that are not good for him at all. Or there can be cases where you unknowingly give your dog the wrong food products. For example, is sourdough terrible for your dog? As per thorough researches, they are bad for your dog’s health. Here is some information on sourdough and the hazards it can have on your dog’s health.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Sourdough makes your dog bloat as gases can accumulate in its digestive tract. This can make your dog very sick, and in extreme cases, your dog will need to be hospitalized. There is no need to worry because your dog will be taken care of and will be given proper Rx pet meds.


Your dog can run a temperature and even end up vomiting endlessly. This will make the pet very weak and sick at the end of the day. It will need more dog medications to recover. The process should not take much time.

Alcohol Poisoning

Yes, sourdough can also give your dog alcohol poisoning. It is harmful to your dog if the bread is not baked enough. The yeast can act up in the animal’s intestine and can ferment to have alcoholic traces in its stomach. The symptoms include constant puking, tremors, diarrhea, improper breathing, and so on.

If such is the case, your dog needs to be on a specific pet med, so contact your vet doctor as soon as you can. Any delay can cause further deadly consequences.

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