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Description & Usage

Carprofen (Genreric to Rimadyl, Novox, Vetprofen) is a tasty liver-flavored chew for dogs used in treating pain and inflammation. This non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) is used to reduce fever and control pain from arthritis, joint problems, hip dysplasia, soft tissue injuries and orthopaedic surgery. 

Precautions & Side Effects

If your dog experiences bloody, black or tarry stools, please contact your veterinarian immediately. Ask your vetrinarian about interactions with other NSAID drugs or if your dog has had a previous history of stomach ulcers, liver or kidney disease, heart disease or high blood pressure. 



Administer orally once (2mg /lb) or twice (1mg /lb) daily with food.


Store at room temperatures. Keep away from children and pets.


What is osteoarthritis?

Arthritis in dogs is very common. We estimate that roughly 20% of dogs over the age of 1 suffer from osteoarthritis. This is a chronic, progressive disease that cannot be cured but can be effectively controlled and managed with drugs like Rimadyl (Carprofen) in order to improve your dog's condition and maintain its well-being.